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We thought we should start with a brief intro into who we are and how Alari all came together.

We hope you enjoy, and stay tuned to see what more we have to share!

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Who is Alari

Alari is built by 4 girls: Iona, Nahla, Fayruz and Ekua.

What is Alari?

Alari is a platform created by African millennials with the aim of showcasing the talent, art and culture of our ever dynamic generation. Our goal is to highlight our experiences and endeavours as a diverse group of young African women as we go through the most formative years of our lives. Through this we also aim to exhibit the diversity and talent of African millennials in the continent and in the diaspora.  . We aim to showcase the latest in events, culture, lifestyle, happening in the various cities we live in, curated by us.

What is the meaning behind Alari?

Alari means rainy season in Maa, the language of the Maasai and Samburu. The rainy season, especially in African cultures, connotes new beginnings and an abundance of blessings. We thought it fitting to choose this as our name as we represent the generation that will bring about change.

What do we plan on doing?

We plan on showcasing the best in culture, lifestyle and events in our various cities.Highlighting the experiences of the young African millennial within the continent and in the diaspora. All curated to the Alari standard.  You will hopefully get to know us all a little bit better along the way.

How did Alari come about?

Alari started out as an idea between Ekua and Iona, as a platform to express our experiences as we go through life. One of the major factors that has influenced our lives is the diverse surrounding in which we live in. We shared the idea with Fay and Nahla as we have all had very different experiences as modern Africans and Alari is all about highlighting these different journeys.

Where are you living right now? And what took you there?

Ekua –  Right now, I live in New York City baby! I’m a New Yorker, been raised her since I was a little baby but Kenya is my heritage, it’s where my mom is from, so it is truly my motherland!

Fay – I’m currently living in London. I moved here September 2016 after uni and I’ve been working here since. I’m loving it so far, but I can’t wait till I’m finally settled back in Nairobi! 

Iona –  I am currently living in London as I am in uni here. I’ve been here for the past 3 years, although I hated it at first, it is growing on me.

Nahla –  I currently live in Nairobi and truly love it! OMG, it just occurred to me when I moved back to Nairobi, Fay moved for uni. I came to be home with family and friends.

Would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert?

Ekua –  I would say I’m a wanderlust, I don’t like small talk at all, I’d rather have deep conversation about life haha I’m most definitely an extrovert, being around like minded people gives me LIFE!

Fay – I’m definitely an introvert! But once I warm up to you I get a little too comfortable and all my weirdness comes out and there’s no going back!

Iona – Both…it really depends on the situation and the people I am around. I like Ekua’s description of being a Wanderlust.

Nahla – I am totally an extrovert!  

What was your most embarrassing moment?

Ekua – There have definitely been quite a number, but I think my most embarrassing moment would have been running for a train in Budapest, while on a euro trip with my bestie and being all sweaty, then all my clothes fell out of my bag and a guy picked up my underwear–saying, “Don’t forget this” haha I cringe at the memory!

Fay – Hhmmm I don’t know! But I definitely have one too many blonde moments! The dumbest thing I’ve probably ever said was when I was travelling back to Nairobi and my flight was delayed, I told my dad “My luggage must already be here waiting for me since my flight was delayed”….. UMMM FAY!!! Your luggage comes on the same plane as you, DUH!

Iona – I was once on the phone to someone walking around the supermarket and panicked suddenly and told them that I would have to call them back because I thought that I had lost my phone.

Nahla – Too many to share right now. But once I think of a less embarrassing one I will share it.

What would you say is your worst habit?

Ekua – This is tricky for me, but maybe I would say cracking my knuckles and toes, it so subscious at this point, it’s bad!

Fay – I used to bite my nails, but having braces forced me to stop. Right now it’s probably scratching my eyes. The only thing that probably makes me stop is that I was once told if I keep scratching my eyes the way I do, I won’t have any eyelashes left! The horror!

Iona – I would have to say eating other peoples food, it only ever happens with people I’m really close to but I end up practically eating their whole meal. Sharing is caring after all right?

Nahla – Biting my nails. It’s a such a disgusting habit that I try to stop.

If you could raid a person’s closet, who’s would it be?

Ekua – Hmm so tough I can’t chose one, I would have to say Beyonce, Rihanna and Jenna Lyons, Former Creative Director of J Crew

Fay – Probably the youtuber Amelia Liana. I love her style! Oh and definitely Blair Waldorf! 

Iona – Beyonce, her wardrobe is so extensive and I mean who would not want to wear one of those sparkly leotards once in a while (yes, I can be a little extra sometimes).

Nahla – Diane Von Furstenberg. I love the iconic wrap dress.

What are you favourite Kenyan sayings?

Ekua – Niko Kwa Jam Na Come (it’s so sad how often it’s said)

Fay – “My names are …”

Iona – “Me I…”

Nahla – “Otherwise..”

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congratulations to you guys on coming up with Alari!!
I’m love the concept behind Alari. It’s high time we showcase how beautiful and diverse the African culture is.
Super excited for you guys..and before I forget the platform looks beautiful.
way to go!


I looove this Alari, exquisite!

Absolutely excited about everything that you do.It feels good when a group of beautiful ladies embraces/identifies themselves with the African culture. All the best Lovies!
Y’all got my back!

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