One of the best things about living in London is how easily and affordably you can travel to so many destinations! We may all hate budget airlines but who cares, as long as it get’s you where you need to go! I was recently told that you could fly to NYC for as little as £300, that’s the same price as going to Mombasa on KQ in December. I don’t know why travelling around Kenya and Africa is ridiculously expensive! Hopefully that’ll improve and we can all be making quick stops to our surrounding nations and learn more about all the beautiful cultures on the continent.

I went to Mykonos July  2013 before it was hyped up! It was beyond beautiful, the little cobble streets, crêpes at every corner, beautiful view. Might I also add that greek people are B-E-A-UTIFUL! I could easily say we were the only black people on the little island and we used it to our favour. By day 2 everyone at the shops knew who we were and would shout ‘Kenya!’ every time we walked by.

My sister went a few months ago and had an equally incredible experience. Coincidentally she went at a time when a lot of celebrities were visiting. Lucky her!

Check out some of the pictures taken by my gorgeous sister (follow her on Instagram here).

This looks familiar…maybe I’ve seen something similar on Instagram!
Wait, that’s Bella Hadid eating the same crepes or maybe just posing at the same cafe!

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