Depending on who you are, accessorising can either be daunting or the perfect excuse to go a little crazy. I have never really been that big on jewellery, not because I do not like it but more because I can’t be bothered – terrible, I know! Over the past few years though I have been making more of an effort, it started out with ‘borrowing’ a few of my mum’s pieces but now I am growing my own collection.

It can get a bit expensive here and there but many high-street brands are coming out with quirkier pieces that look better quality than they used to. They are proving to be the perfect intermediary for students such as myself who want to look good but cannot quite afford to just yet splash out on the bigger brands or even better, boutique jewellers.

Earrings are an accessory that can completely transform your look. A t-shirt and jeans with a pair of pearl like or diamante studs can have you looking like an innocent, law abiding individual who can never do any wrong. Switch them up for a pair of loud, statement, sculpture like earrings and you’ll be looking like a funky, artsy girl with a rebelling personality.

The photo gallery above has some of my favourite earrings of the season that will bring out all the different alter egos within you.


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