Smoked salmon royal with a twist; charcoal sourdough, and house made chili pesto

Part of the Beany Green collection, Daisy Green is a cute little restaurant just behind Marble Arch Station. Attractive with its bright colours and quirky interior, you are led downstairs into a DIY  spring time paradise filled with bright flowers hanging for the ceiling and vibrant murals on the walls. It is definitely a destination for foodies out there.

Another reason to visit for all of you who like me, have to avoid gluten, is the fact that they cater to different dietary requirements and have delicious solutions. I had the gluten free french toast (which I had been craving for months), done with coconut bread (soooo good!) and decorated with coconut flakes and fresh fruit.

The coconut bread french toast is the perfect solution for anyone who’s on a gluten free diet. Topped with crunchy coconut flakes paired with delicious fresh fruit.
Shakshouka, eggs fried in a delicious spicy tomato sauce

Overall, the food was all fantastic and pretty decently priced too. The only disappointing part was the smoothie, it looked delicious and refreshing but tasted more like a sugar factory unfortunately.

The Moodie Foodie x



Iona McCreath

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