One of the best things about living in London is how easily and affordably you can travel to so many destinations! We may all hate budget airlines but who cares, as long as it get’s you where you need to go! I was recently told that you could fly to NYC for as little as … Continue Reading

What is your favourite travel outfit? Ekua – Definitely jeggings or dresses, just cause I want to feel as light as possible! Cause airplanes decide to be antarctica cold, I definitely bring a sweater and a kikoy. Iona – Leggings, and oversized jumper, trainers and a spare pair of socks. Comfort is definitely key and … Continue Reading

La vie est belle Is there anyone that doesn’t enjoy traveling or discovering new places? I’m probably one of the laziest people (definitely not something to be proud of) but I love discovering new places, new cultures and just taking it all in! This year for my birthday I thought I’d head to Paris for … Continue Reading

Picture 1: Duomo di Milano Picture 2 & 3: Palazzo Parigi Hotel Picture 4 & 5: Pasticceria Marchesi Picture 6: Out and about with some friends Picture 7 & 8: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Finch Hattons is easily the most beautiful camp I’ve ever stayed at! The rooms were incredible with a stunning terrace overlooking one of the watering holes, a massive bathtub and my all-time favourite, an outside shower! I swear my goal is to have a holiday home somewhere outside Nairobi with a gorgeous outside shower. There’s … Continue Reading

I had a lovely weekend away with my family at the beautiful Finch Hattons Camp! Here’s a quick snippet of how it all went! We hope you enjoy the vlog! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! We’ll have more videos for you all soon! Check out my travel diary here.

I’m starting this new story series called: “20 LIT things to do” cause 20 gives you more than enough options to never be bored in a new (or old) city! Summer 16’ was truly one to remember. I was able to spend 50% of it in the great continent of Africa.Specifically in Kenya! There were … Continue Reading

What was your favourite place that you visited? Ekua – I would have to stay Tropical Bliss, the sand was so clear and the vibe was epic. We had our mini speakers so we brought the party with us! Fay – Definitely the glistening waters! It was the one place I knew I had to visit … Continue Reading

Alari went to Jamaica! Iona, Ekua and Fay travelled to Jamaica with some friends and it was a ‘fire fire ting maan!!’ Here’s a short clip of a few of the things we got up to! We hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to stay up to date with the … Continue Reading