Hallo! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m your ordinary Joe and Average Lily. Other than just settling for ordinary, I also try to seek perfection in things that don’t matter; whilst neglecting things that really do. I’m the common mantra that’s spreading like wildfire: “As long as it makes you happy or keeps you going.” … Continue Reading

Graduation day was beyond incredible, and I was extremely proud of myself! Graduating uni is a major accomplishment and I was extra happy because it was a really hard time for me. I enjoyed the course but I just wasn’t doing as well as I hoped and I struggled with a lot of the exams. … Continue Reading

Sorry about the lengthy video! I had a girls night in with some of my oldest friends. Come and hang out with us! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! We’ll have more videos for you all soon!

Picture courtesy of husen_amad “A man is a title bestowed when specific yet magnanimous qualities form the make–up of an individual. A title so grand and prestigious that one can go through an entire lifetime yet not live up to it or be acknowledged against it.” Time has evolved trends. Accepted practices, mannerism, appearances have … Continue Reading