Here’s our FIRST recipe attempt!! I tried to make Ndengu (Pojo), a dish that is usually known in the indian ocean coast in Kenya. It is eaten with Chapati or Rice, but I didn’t have time for all of that haha. Let me know if you attempt or what me to try to make something … Continue Reading

Sundays have become the go-to errand day however they are supposed to be easy! I’ve started this series to inspire the last minute prep person like myself, to use Sunday evenings and afternoons as a way to prepare their meals for the week, which may help possibly maintain the healthy lifestyle vibes, fingers crossed! For … Continue Reading

A few friends called me up for dinner at MNKY (a Latin American restaurant) and I was thrilled to get out of the house after a busy day at the office. Of course the eager beaver that I am, I love looking at the menus of restaurants before I go so that I have an … Continue Reading

I was looking for a nice little quite garden to spend my Saturday afternoon in and voila, I stumbled upon Boho Eatery. A divine garden paradise deep in the heart of Karen, Nairobi. I love how Nairobi is now home to more and more of these quirky boutique restaurants opening in all corners of the city. What I especially … Continue Reading

There comes a time every afternoon when all you can think about is a cup of tea. As I am sure a lot of you agree, it is almost impossible to fight the urge. A few weeks ago Nahla, Fay and I made our way to the Berkeley hotel for their famed Prêt-à-Portea. We started off … Continue Reading

Part of the Beany Green collection, Daisy Green is a cute little restaurant just behind Marble Arch Station. Attractive with its bright colours and quirky interior, you are led downstairs into a DIY  spring time paradise filled with bright flowers hanging for the ceiling and vibrant murals on the walls. It is definitely a destination for … Continue Reading

Beach Blanket Baylon, has the best pancakes in London…hands down. They have a location in both Notting Hill and Shoreditch, With quirky decor, they loore you in for a culinary journey. The menu is not too extensive which, for people like me, takes away the panic of having to decide what dish out of the … Continue Reading

Nyama Mama is taking the Nairobi culinary platform by storm, with modern twists on Kenyan classics. And the interior decor is I personally find even better than the food. I have eaten at Nyama Mama express in the Yaya Centre before and although the food was good, it is not amazing. It is exciting to see … Continue Reading