Sasa Alari fam? Whether you were at the incredible Africa Nouveau Festival and didn’t get a chance to see all the things going on or missed out on an epic weekend, we’ve got you COVERED! The music and arts festival had loads to offer from incredible music and art installations to hula hoop lessons, fashion … Continue Reading

Jermaine Jermaine ooh la la! We went for the Birmingham show and we screamed our lungs out all for J. Cole! His performance was incredible and definitely worth it! Here are a few clips of the concert. You can feel the vibe through the screen!  

Many of us Nairobians, at some point or another, have been to one of 2ManySiblings infamous Thrift Socials, or at least revelled at the snapchats and Instagram’s after each event vowing that we will attend the next one. Up until recently, there has not been many platforms in Nairobi upon which you can feel free … Continue Reading

Hey Alari Fam! I was able to attend the Nigerian Independence Day Parade in New York City. It was such a fun experience, especially eating suya from 3 Guys with a grill and Tastemakers Africa! Let us know where the next festival is and we’ll be sure to be there! xxx   EPM

Hmm, ever wondered where to chill in Nairobi on a Sunday afternoon? I’ve been dying to go the K1 Flea Market for a while and this past weekend I finally had time to go. Yay!! It was a perfect way to unwind and enjoy a chilledSunday afternoon before starting a manic work week. The chilled atmosphere, florescent … Continue Reading

What is your favourite travel outfit? Ekua – Definitely jeggings or dresses, just cause I want to feel as light as possible! Cause airplanes decide to be antarctica cold, I definitely bring a sweater and a kikoy. Iona – Leggings, and oversized jumper, trainers and a spare pair of socks. Comfort is definitely key and … Continue Reading

As said by the man himself …he has too many hits boy! Friday the 29th saw Wizkid shut down the prestigious Royal Albert Hall. History was made as he joined the list of the few African stars that have been given the honour of preforming at the iconic venue and by becoming the first African … Continue Reading

A few friends called me up for dinner at MNKY (a Latin American restaurant) and I was thrilled to get out of the house after a busy day at the office. Of course the eager beaver that I am, I love looking at the menus of restaurants before I go so that I have an … Continue Reading

So, with the hipsters taking over the world, I would like to think some things were cooler and rather traditional before the swift takeover of the cool kids on the block. Let me explain, certain food items have always been used in Kenya and certainly within the East African region. Here’s a list of what I … Continue Reading

La vie est belle Is there anyone that doesn’t enjoy traveling or discovering new places? I’m probably one of the laziest people (definitely not something to be proud of) but I love discovering new places, new cultures and just taking it all in! This year for my birthday I thought I’d head to Paris for … Continue Reading