Recap Africa Nouveau Festival 2018

Sasa Alari fam? Whether you were at the incredible Africa Nouveau Festival and didn’t get a chance to see all the things going on or missed out on an epic weekend, we’ve got you COVERED! The music and arts festival had loads to offer from incredible music and art installations to hula hoop lessons, fashion … Continue Reading

Exclusive Interview: Jordan Mackampa Taking Over The London Stage

I was introduced to Jordan Mackampa last year by my friend/colleague/Jordan’s band mate – thanks Max! The moment he played me some of his music I quickly became obsessed. The lyrics are so deeply personal and relatable, and his voice blew me away. There’s nothing quite like listening to songs and feeling like someone else … Continue Reading

Nothing great comes easy…

Hallo! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m your ordinary Joe and Average Lily. Other than just settling for ordinary, I also try to seek perfection in things that don’t matter; whilst neglecting things that really do. I’m the common mantra that’s spreading like wildfire: “As long as it makes you happy or keeps you going.” … Continue Reading

Fashion Trends for 2018 – Yes or No?

Photos from Vogue article here Tailored Denim – Ummm I don’t think I’m a huge fan! Maybe because I associate denim with a more chilled vibe, but that’s not to say that if I get my hands on a pair that are cut for perfection that I won’t try it out! More see through clothing … Continue Reading

How to Make Pojo (Ndengu): Alari Style

Here’s our FIRST recipe attempt!! I tried to make Ndengu (Pojo), a dish that is usually known in the indian ocean coast in Kenya. It is eaten with Chapati or Rice, but I didn’t have time for all of that haha. Let me know if you attempt or what me to try to make something … Continue Reading

Adulting – 1 Year After Uni

Graduation day was beyond incredible, and I was extremely proud of myself! Graduating uni is a major accomplishment and I was extra happy because it was a really hard time for me. I enjoyed the course but I just wasn’t doing as well as I hoped and I struggled with a lot of the exams. … Continue Reading

J Cole Kills the Birmingham Show

Jermaine Jermaine ooh la la! We went for the Birmingham show and we screamed our lungs out all for J. Cole! His performance was incredible and definitely worth it! Here are a few clips of the concert. You can feel the vibe through the screen!  


Many of us Nairobians, at some point or another, have been to one of 2ManySiblings infamous Thrift Socials, or at least revelled at the snapchats and Instagram’s after each event vowing that we will attend the next one. Up until recently, there has not been many platforms in Nairobi upon which you can feel free … Continue Reading

Vlog: Nigerian Independence Day Parade 2017

Hey Alari Fam! I was able to attend the Nigerian Independence Day Parade in New York City. It was such a fun experience, especially eating suya from 3 Guys with a grill and Tastemakers Africa! Let us know where the next festival is and we’ll be sure to be there! xxx   EPM

Get to Know Us – Fay & Friends

Sorry about the lengthy video! I had a girls night in with some of my oldest friends. Come and hang out with us! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! We’ll have more videos for you all soon!